Stainless Steel Grill Styles
ssgp pedestal grill ssg

SSGP Pedestal Stainless Steel Grill
400 sq. in. LP Gas $739.00
500 sq. in. LP Gas $819.00

SSGN Pedestal Stainless Steel Grill
500 Nat. Gas $839.00


SSG Cart Stainless Steel Grill
500 sq. in. LP Gas $769.00
ssgi island grill
Operator and Assemply Instructions (.pdf)

SSGP 400 and 500

SSGN 400 and 500

SSG 400 and 500


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grill products please call 419-532-2393 or

SSGI Island Stainless Steel Grill
500 Nat. Gas $669.00


Sarka Grill Parts
hose regulator gas knob gas valve sarka thermometer
SS-RIK New Style Hose and Regulator
$24.00 ea.
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SSGK New Style Gas On/Off Knob
$16.00 ea.
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SSHR New Style Gas Valve
$24.00 ea.
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SSTHER Thermometer
$23.75 ea.
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hose regulator igniter rotary igniter starter knob
SSPI Old Style Ignitor
$12.00 ea.
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SSIW Ignitor Wire
$10.00 ea.
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SSRI Rotary Ignitor Knob
$12.00 ea.
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SS-RIK Rotary Starter Knob
$3.00 ea.
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Sarka Grill Accessories
Half Rack Sarka Griddle sarka souper sarka charcoal pan sarka
HR 400 Half Rack
$51.00 ea.
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HR 500 Half Rack
$54.00 ea.
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GR 400 Griddle
$133.00 ea.
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GR 500 Griddle
$143.00 ea.
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$130.00 ea.
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CP 400 Charcoal Pan
$95.00 ea.
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